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Hey, I'm Shuktika!

I'm a clinical psychologist, educator, and speaker dedicated to helping you live a life of curiosity, authenticity, and alignment with what's most important to you.


Quick Tidbits About Me






I was born in Bangladesh and have spent most of my life in Australia. I currently live on the beautiful Gold Coast with my housemate and supervisor - my adopted short-haired domestic cat Winston. (You may just catch him in a session or workshop!)

I have always been fascinated about human behaviour - what makes people tick, the ways in which we act and interact with the environment around us and how our individual life experiences change these interactions. I'm that person at a party who will jump headfirst into the deep questions.

Education and learning is the bedrock of my being. As a first-generation immigrant, I recognise the power of education on my parents' ability to bring my family to Australia, and all of the opportunities I have gained as a result. I used to view learning as subjects, courses, and degrees - nowadays, that comes from audiobooks, podcasts, and reading. 

I've developed a very expensive passion in my 30s - LEGO! One version of an ideal evening for me is sitting on the floor of my loungeroom listening to jazz and creating a Lego masterpiece with Winston asleep beside me.

I've been a musician my whole life. I believe music can express emotions more deeply than the English language is capable of conveying, and I find so much joy in embracing various music genres (from EDM to rock to indie to dance to jazz!).

Traditional Library


I studied at various schools throughout Australia, and graduated from Brisbane State High School - where I later went back to coach Debating and Tournament of Minds.

graduated from Griffith University with my Bachelors degree in Psychological Science in 2011.

I completed both my Social Science (Psychology) Honours and Masters in Clinical Psychology degrees  from Bond University in 2013 and 2017 respectively, and stayed to continue teaching (see Teaching & Research Experience below).

I completed my Clinical Registrar program and obtained my Clinical Psychologist specialisation in 2020, just before the world came screeching to a halt!

Clinical Experience

I've had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients across the lifespan over the years - I believe my openness to new experiences has really shaped me into the type of clinician, educator, speaker, and human being I am today.

I've worked at the Gold Coast Persistent Pain Clinic, Varsity College (both junior and senior campuses), Headspace (both Better Access and Suicide Prevention models), and Queensland Corrective Services, alongside supporting several digital mental health companies offering services across Australia. I have also conducted numerous workshops in South-East Asian communities, raising awareness of youth mental wellbeing.

I am incredibly passionate about preventative mental healthcare. As a woman of colour, raised in a society of stigma around mental health, I work with many clients to acknowledge and unpack the multitude of systemic, societal, and cultural factors that impact our wellbeing.

Teaching & Research Experience

They say the greatest opportunities come to those with an open mind. I was offered an opportunity to tutor at Bond University in 2014 while I was waiting to hear back about my Clinical Psychology Masters applications, and I'm so glad I said yes. I moved through the ranks from tutor to lecturer to course coordinator and course developer, in the Criminology, Psychology, and CORE Curriculum disciplines, and completed 10 wonderful years educating and inspiring undergraduate and postgraduate students. I also supervised both Master of Clinical Psychology and Master of Professional Psychology students, guiding them through the ins-and-outs of professional life as clinicians supporting the community. It was through these experiences that I realised educating is my passion, and I hope to keep this fire burning within me always.

In 2017, after completing Masters, I took a leap of faith and flew to Singapore to complete an 8 week internship with the Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs addressing Psychological First Aid within the Singaporean population. I have since published a book chapter, presented at multiple conferences, and developed friendships and professional relationships for a lifetime. The opportunity to speak to international audiences and learn from experts in the field of Criminology and Psychology has been truly life-changing!

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