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Navigate towards a

purpose-filled life,

with curiosity as

your compass.


👋🏽 Welcome to my space! I'm Shuktika, a clinical psychologist, evidence-based researcher, and educator. While Bangladesh is my motherland, the Gold Coast is where I call home.


I specialise in online individual therapy for the Australian community, with a passion for areas such as ADHD, identity-based goal setting and habits, and the psychology of money.


Beyond therapy, I nurture my love for education by hosting workshops and retreats to promote mental health and well-being, empower businesses, and foster community diversity.


This space contains resources and ideas to help you lead a purpose-filled life. Whether you're seeking therapy, interested in workshops, or simply exploring, I hope you discover what you're looking for!


Ready to take the next step toward your well-being journey? Book an appointment with me today to start your transformation.

Female Psychologist Australia
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